Visionix Rus

Visionix Rus is a joint company of the international concern Luneau Technology Operations and Technospark. It localize the production of ophthalmic equipment, distribute and support it on the Russian and international markets.

Visionix Rus is a manufacture of a wide range Visionix ophthalmic devices: autorefractometers, slit lamps, lensmeters, phoropters and other equipment which could be used for the diagnostic of glaucoma, cataracts, corneal pathologies, for high-precision measurements of the eye optical properties and individual lens selection.

The equipment includes Wavefront technology developed by Visionix®, which allows to analyze all optical systems.

The equipment manufactured by Visionix Rus meets all the requirements of Luneau Technology Operations.

Our employees are certified by Luneau Technology (France).

Luneau Technology Operations

Luneau Technology is the largest manufacturer and supplier of ophthalmic and optical equipment in more than 100 countries all over the world. The Luneau Technology group owns such trademarks as Briot®, Weco® and Visionix®. The company headquarters is located in France, and production facilities are in Israel, France and Germany.

Visionix is an Israel start-up company established in 1994, it develops and manufactures diagnostic ophthalmologic equipment. Visionix is one of the largest ophthalmic equipment manufacturers in Europe.

Since 2003, Visionix, Ltd. joined the Luneau Technology Operations (France).

Products of Visionix brand have a third place in ophthalmic equipment sales in Europe. From 1994 there were sold more than 10 thousand Visionix ophthalmological systems.


«Technospark» is a platform for launching new technological start-ups and it is multifunctional complex for the development and production for a whole range innovative products.

The main areas of «Technospark» are: new materials, instrument engineering, prototyping, engineering, lasers and photonics applications, new electronics and medical equipment.

In 2016-2017 «Technospark» is acceptance as the most efficient technopark of Russia.