Visionix VX120
Autorefractometer VX120

The VX 120 is a unique, complete, and fully automatic diagnostic screening device. The VX 120 features variations of refraction, screening for glaucoma, cataracts, corneal pathologies such as keratoconus, and fitting of contact lenses with integrated topography.

The combination of technologies found in the VX 120 are unique (aberrometry, tonometry, topography, Scheimpflug camera, etc.) With full integration in mind, the VX 120 is designed to be able to export measurements and findings and archive your data using WiFi, USB key, office networks, etc.

Fully automated
  • Fully automatic 3D and R/L eye alignments
  • 7 types of automatic simultaneous measurements
  • Operator independent measurements
  • High reproducibility of measurements
Automatic alignment and measurement which allows
  • High reliability for measurements
  • Significant time savings
  • Optimal comfort based on ergonomic design
Additional customers benefits
  • Quick detection of refraction, higher order aberrations, and warning indications for measurements outside of normal parameters
  • Easily transfer patient measurements to the doctor for exam
  • A refined and highly accurate refraction due to advanced technology and added features
  • Delegation of tasks
  • As part of examinations of refraction and detection of high-order aberrations,

possible suspicion of pathologies

Visionix VX130
Autorefractometers VX130+

Succeed in all your diagnostics glaucoma and keratoconus detection identification of patients for cataract surgery with premium and/or toric implants dentification of patients for refractive surgery.

The VX130 +combines state-of-the-art technologies and provides essential data for an improved treatment of patient. The VX130+ is the ideal patient monitoring system.

Slit Lamps

Visionix vx75
Slit Lamp VX75

Our wide range of slit lamps secure the operator with superior imaging thanks to reliable optics and light technology.

On the basis of well-recognised illumination concepts the operating features and illumination are positioned on top of the microscope. Excellent optics and brilliant image distinguish the VX75.


Slit projector
  • Recognised slit projector with operating elements on top of the microscope
  • Variable slit lengths from 1 to 12 mm
  • Vertical tilting system up to 20° in 5° steps
Exceptional Stereo microscope
  • Choice of either three or five magnification levels
  • With converging ocular system
  • High contrast and brilliant pictures due to MAR coated optical lenses
Unique Stereo microscope
  • Select up to five magnification levels via convenient magnification changer
  • Adaptation to your visual habits by a variety of ocular tubes
  • Experience unrestricted visual comfort even if you wear glasses by the
  • five-focal optics of the eyepiece
Ergonomic features for operating convenience
  • Convenient working distance
  • Cross carriage with single-handed operation
  • Slit adjustment, filter, scales and lock-in positions are within close range
  • Suitable for right & left-handed users
  • Built-in filters: Blue cobalt (fluorescence), green (red-free), grey (heat
  • absorbing) and yellow

Charts displays

Дисплей Visionix
Chart Display VX22

With its screen 22 ‘’, the VX22 provides a very good contrast and high brightness. But the main feature of the VX22 is the circular polarization, which provides better separation of images for binocular testing, without any «Ghost imaging». Of course, this display provides all the tests developed by Visionix display: all common tests, including ETDRS, binocular tests, color vision, contrast sensitivity.

Features and Benefits

  • Circular polarization 22’’ screen
  • Comprehensive range of applications from low vision (ETDRS) to hyper acuity
  • Contrast and colors visions tests
  • Compact and aesthetic
  • Very good contrast and high brightness.
  • Working distance adjustable from 2 to 8 meters
  • Intuitive remote control
  • Multimedia feature
  • Sharp binocular analysis
  • Intuitive menu
  • Compatible with Glare testing
  • EDTRS scale with score counts at 1m, 2m and 4m (3ft, 6.5ft and 13 ft)
  • 6 Optotypes tests: letters, figures, Snellen, Landolt’s ring, 3 ranges for kids:
  • Shadows & shapes (triangles, squares, rounds …)
  • Large range of possible acuities on all tests: from 0.05 to 2.00
  • Decimal or logarithmic progression
  • Possibility to change the displayed letter in one touch
  • Isolated optotype, line, or triple line display on the same or different acuity
  • R/G test available anytime on any test (one touch)
  • Contrast adjustable from 100 to 5% on all ranges
  • Parent’s test
  • Dots group
  • Jackson’s cross
  • Worth’s test
  • Schoeber’s test
  • Relief vision test (polarized)
  • Coincidence, aniseikonia (polarised)
  • Reticule of phoria (polarised)
  • 2 fixation points: small white circle & clown for kids
  • Ishihara tests
Дисплей Visionix
Chart Display VX24

Screen with dynamic polarization

Features and Benefits

  • Linear polarization
  • Sharpness, width, connections on the rear
  • Comprehensive range of applications from low vision (ETDRS) to hyper acuity
  • Screening for color vision deficiency
  • Contrast Test (useful after cataract or refractive surgery)
  • Working distance adjustable from 2 to 8 meters (6.5- 26 feet)
  • Upgradable when new tests are added
  • Multimedia feature (videos)
  • New frame to better bring out the tests from the environement
Advanced analysis of the binocular function
  • The use of the 3D polarization screen is one of the key features of this device allowing a perfect dissociation of the right eye/left eye. This offers the ability to proceed with many other tests with optimal quality for the exam of bi-ocular, binocular, and stereoscopic vision.
A very intuitive menu
  • With an accessible duochrome calibration (for a perfect and customized extinction of your red-green filter, whatever phoropter or trial frame you use).
  • Series of optotypes: letters, numbers, Snellen tridents, Landolt rings, 4 ranges for kids
  • Large range of acuities on all tests: from 0.05 to 2.00 with many steps
  • Decimal or logarithmic progression (available scores: Monoyer, decimal, LogMAR, and Snellen)
  • Abililty to change the displayed letters by pushing on CHANG
  • Isolated optotype, line, or triple display on the same or different acuity
  • R/G test available on any test at any time
  • Contrast adjustable from 100% to 5% on all ranges
Additional tests
  • Parent’s test
  • Mallet’s test
  • MKH tests (cyclophoria, stereo …)
  • Dots group
  • Jackson’s cross
  • Worth’s test
  • Schoeber’s test
  • Relief vision test (polarized)
  • Coincidence, aniseikonia (polarised)
  • Reticule of phoria (polarised)
  • 2 fixation points: small white circle & clown for kids
  • Ishihara tests
  • Binocular balance (polarised)
  • Duochrome balance (polarised)
  • Regan and Pelli-Robson contrast sensitivity tests
  • Amsler’s test


Visionix VX60
Automatic Phoropter VX60

For a faster and more reliable refraction process, choose the VX60. Benefiting from Visionix

know-how, the VX60 lets you control refraction from start to finish.

Features and Benefits

Simplified refraction thanks to a unique console design

  • An ergonomic keyboard with a set of essential buttons that can be accessed with just one hand (right or left)
  • A large touch screen
  • A central selector wheel using the “Light Sphere Color” technology, direct, calculation-free view of the spherical equivalent tendency thanks to colored diodes.

Simplified refraction thanks to complete software

  • “Easy Custom” system for easier programming of exam protocols.
  • The software adapts to needs throughout the different steps of the eye exam.

Simplified refraction thanks to the latest technologies

  • Bluetooth wireless technology for ease of installation (no communication cable) and use (freedom of movement).
  • Switch to near vision: Respect for convergence and ntegrated lighting
Фороптер VX55
Digital Phoropter VX55

A new type of digital phoropter: Featuring the simplicity and comfort of a manual refractor.

Digitalize your standard refractor, control the entire refraction process from a tablet making refraction quicker and easier than ever before, providing unparalleled performance and exceptional versatility. Keep your refraction habits. The VX55 from Visionix offers effortless efficiency without changing the way you work.

Features and Benefits

Advantages of a digitalized manual phoropter:

  • A virtual manual phoropter on the tactile tablet to keep the habit of uses
  • Features the ability to memorize two refractions and gather feedback on preference from your patient
  • Control of the chart display from the tactile tablet with feed back of the displayed optotypes
  • One click to reset the phoropter head at the end of the exam

A sound ergnomic design

  • Bluetooth wireless communication between the head and the tablet: freedom of movement
  • Provides technology that will offer your patients the ≪wow≫ factor
  • Unique Add “assist” function offering easier operation whentesting the add value in near vision
  • Built-in white LED lighting offers clear and safe illumination switching to near vision

High quality product

  • Smooth, quiet lens selection for faster examinations
  • Compact and ergonomic Design

Multi-coated lenses for better Performance

Visionix VX50
Manual Phoropter VX50

Enjoy fantastic quality and value with the Visionix VX50 phoropter. This phoropter features easy, quick, and accurate refractions. Synchronized cross cylinders, an extended measurement range, and precision engineering guarantee long lasting performance.

Features and Benefits

Easy to operate
  • Automated rotation of cross cylinder with the cylinder axis
  • Natural postion for near vision with convergence mouvement
High range device
  • Multicoated lenses
  • High quality components


Линзметр VX40
Automatic Lensmeter VX40

Wavefront technology inside.

This new generation of completely automatic lensmeter is based on Visionix Wavefront

technology. Pressing one button, you have an analysis of the entire frame.

Automatism and precision
  • With its innovative system of ≪frame≫ support, the VX40 is the only lensmeter in the market which combines automatism with a high precision in measurement.
Easy to use
  • The unique lensholder system allows a fast insertion of the frame with only one hand! After pushing the measurement button the whole process works on it’s own. The VX40 allows you to spend more time with your patients and less time with analysis.
Automatic lens type detection
  • VX40 detects all types of lenses: progressives, office and single vision lenses as well as bifocals. It is compatible with all lens technologies and brands.
Complete analysis
  • With this instrument, each point of a lens can be studied. Progressive and freeform lenses will no longer be a mystery.
Comparison between progressives
  • The lens is studied over the whole area. So even freeform progressive lenses will be able to be compared and analyzed.


Visionix VXBOX II

VXBOXII allows you to share easily the refraction and diagnostic data between instruments.
Picture shows a possibility of devices connection. Connect your ARK, Lensmeter, phoropter, diagnostic devices and chart display to the VXBOX II