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Chart Display VX24

Screen with dynamic polarization

Features and Benefits

  • Linear polarization
  • Sharpness, width, connections on the rear
  • Comprehensive range of applications from low vision (ETDRS) to hyper acuity
  • Screening for color vision deficiency
  • Contrast Test (useful after cataract or refractive surgery)
  • Working distance adjustable from 2 to 8 meters (6.5- 26 feet)
  • Upgradable when new tests are added
  • Multimedia feature (videos)
  • New frame to better bring out the tests from the environement
Advanced analysis of the binocular function
  • The use of the 3D polarization screen is one of the key features of this device allowing a perfect dissociation of the right eye/left eye. This offers the ability to proceed with many other tests with optimal quality for the exam of bi-ocular, binocular, and stereoscopic vision.
A very intuitive menu
  • With an accessible duochrome calibration (for a perfect and customized extinction of your red-green filter, whatever phoropter or trial frame you use).
  • Series of optotypes: letters, numbers, Snellen tridents, Landolt rings, 4 ranges for kids
  • Large range of acuities on all tests: from 0.05 to 2.00 with many steps
  • Decimal or logarithmic progression (available scores: Monoyer, decimal, LogMAR, and Snellen)
  • Abililty to change the displayed letters by pushing on CHANG
  • Isolated optotype, line, or triple display on the same or different acuity
  • R/G test available on any test at any time
  • Contrast adjustable from 100% to 5% on all ranges
Additional tests
  • Parent’s test
  • Mallet’s test
  • MKH tests (cyclophoria, stereo …)
  • Dots group
  • Jackson’s cross
  • Worth’s test
  • Schoeber’s test
  • Relief vision test (polarized)
  • Coincidence, aniseikonia (polarised)
  • Reticule of phoria (polarised)
  • 2 fixation points: small white circle & clown for kids
  • Ishihara tests
  • Binocular balance (polarised)
  • Duochrome balance (polarised)
  • Regan and Pelli-Robson contrast sensitivity tests
  • Amsler’s test

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions – W695 mm x H455 mm x D70 mm, W-27.4 in H-17.9 in D- 2.8 in
  • Weight – 11 kg (24 lbs)
  • Power – 230 VAC
  • Screen – 24”
  • Brightness – 300 Cd/M2
  • Contrast ratio – 1000
  • Remote control – IR 22 buttons
  • Standard fixation Vesa – 100 x 100