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Manual Phoropter VX50

Enjoy fantastic quality and value with the Visionix VX50 phoropter. This phoropter features easy, quick, and accurate refractions. Synchronized cross cylinders, an extended measurement range, and precision engineering guarantee long lasting performance.

Features and Benefits

Easy to operate
  • Automated rotation of cross cylinder with the cylinder axis
  • Natural postion for near vision with convergence mouvement
High range device
  • Multicoated lenses
  • High quality components

Technical specifications


Dimensions: W318 mm x H293 mm x D96 mm W 12.51 in x H 11.5 x D3.8

Weight: 5 Kg (11 lbs)

Lens/eye Distance: 13.75 mm

Head-rest adjustment: 16 mm

Convergence: 380 mm (when PD = 64mm)

Standards: MDD, CE

Measurement range

Sphere: +16.75 to -19.00D ( Step 0,25D) +26.75D to – 29.00D with additional lenses of +10.00 or -10.00D

Cylinder: 0.00 to -6.00D (Step 0,25D)

Axis: 0 to 180°

Cross cylinder: +- 0.25D

Rotary prisms: 0∆ to 20∆,

Step: 1D PD adjustment 48 to 75 mm,

Step: 1mm

Accessories: Near point card, holder and reading rod

Auxiliary lens dial:

  • O)-Open aperture (two positions)
  • (R)-Retinoscopic lens,+1.50D
  • (P)-Polarizing lens (45°- left eye /135°- right eye)
  • (WMV)or(RMV)-Maddox rod. Vertical (white – left eye / red – right eye)
  • (WMH)or(RMH)-Maddox rod. horizontal (white – left eye / red – right eye)
  • (RL)-Red lens(1.12-10.12D sphere)
  • (PH)-Pin hole
  • (10ΔL) or (6ΔU) -(10Δ base-in left eye / 6Δ base-up right eye)
  • (±.50)- ±0.50D fixed cross cylinder
  • (0C)-Occluder