Visionix VX120
Autorefractometer VX120

The VX 120 is a unique, complete, and fully automatic diagnostic screening device. The VX 120 features variations of refraction, screening for glaucoma, cataracts, corneal pathologies such as keratoconus, and fitting of contact lenses with integrated topography.

The combination of technologies found in the VX 120 are unique (aberrometry, tonometry, topography, Scheimpflug camera, etc.) With full integration in mind, the VX 120 is designed to be able to export measurements and findings and archive your data using WiFi, USB key, office networks, etc.

Fully automated
  • Fully automatic 3D and R/L eye alignments
  • 7 types of automatic simultaneous measurements
  • Operator independent measurements
  • High reproducibility of measurements
Automatic alignment and measurement which allows
  • High reliability for measurements
  • Significant time savings
  • Optimal comfort based on ergonomic design
Additional customers benefits
  • Quick detection of refraction, higher order aberrations, and warning indications for measurements outside of normal parameters
  • Easily transfer patient measurements to the doctor for exam
  • A refined and highly accurate refraction due to advanced technology and added features
  • Delegation of tasks
  • As part of examinations of refraction and detection of high-order aberrations,

possible suspicion of pathologies

Visionix VX130
Autorefractometers VX130+

Succeed in all your diagnostics glaucoma and keratoconus detection identification of patients for cataract surgery with premium and/or toric implants dentification of patients for refractive surgery.

The VX130 +combines state-of-the-art technologies and provides essential data for an improved treatment of patient. The VX130+ is the ideal patient monitoring system.