Visionix vx75
Slit Lamp VX75

Our wide range of slit lamps secure the operator with superior imaging thanks to reliable optics and light technology.

On the basis of well-recognised illumination concepts the operating features and illumination are positioned on top of the microscope. Excellent optics and brilliant image distinguish the VX75.


Slit projector
  • Recognised slit projector with operating elements on top of the microscope
  • Variable slit lengths from 1 to 12 mm
  • Vertical tilting system up to 20° in 5° steps
Exceptional Stereo microscope
  • Choice of either three or five magnification levels
  • With converging ocular system
  • High contrast and brilliant pictures due to MAR coated optical lenses
Unique Stereo microscope
  • Select up to five magnification levels via convenient magnification changer
  • Adaptation to your visual habits by a variety of ocular tubes
  • Experience unrestricted visual comfort even if you wear glasses by the
  • five-focal optics of the eyepiece
Ergonomic features for operating convenience
  • Convenient working distance
  • Cross carriage with single-handed operation
  • Slit adjustment, filter, scales and lock-in positions are within close range
  • Suitable for right & left-handed users
  • Built-in filters: Blue cobalt (fluorescence), green (red-free), grey (heat
  • absorbing) and yellow